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We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and patients. We're so thankful for those that have taken the time to let us know what's working through testimonials. Enjoy reading these, we sure did!

April H. – Las Vegas, NV

Hey, all my beautiful Las Vegas FB Lady Friends…. You must must, try this Med Spa, ” Just Face It”. Owned by Martine Abbey…. The woman is a true artist with Botox and Fillers and also had a full staff of fabulous ladies that offer just about every service under the sun to keep us looking young and beautiful! This is… the best kept secret in town!!! Check out their website and make an appointment!!! Martine is every girls best friend so go check it out! You can thank me later!!!!!

Sandra S. – Beverly Hills, CA

I live in the Beverly Hills area and yet… I catch a plane to Las Vegas to see Martine at Just Face It! They are the best and you can add to that – Martine in one of the loveliest people you will ever meet.

Fairlie A. – Huntington Beach, CA

Hey guys, take it from one who knows, we can all use a little help, some of us alot of help. Martine is definately your girl, she does it all from fillers to botox to great lashes, whatever it is you need, you’d be crazy to go to anyone else. Martine is the best at what she does. JUST FACE IT……….All the way

Karen N. – Las Vegas, NV

For someone starting out in her early forties in a very “young” and crazy town, it was important to me to keep looking fresh…I saw a friend at a charity event and I couldn’t believe how great my friend looked. I asked her what she was doing and she introduced me to Martine. I have never done a chemical peel or microdermabrasion before but the after effects were amazing! I am hooked. She has amazing energy and gave me a little botox at my frown line which made it disappear completely. She doesn’t go overboard and I appreciate that. I have told many frien’s about her and they have seen her and love her too

Sandy D. – Las Vegas, NV

I had lost some weight and thought botox would lift my saggng eyes. But Martine suggested that she add Radiesse to my cheekbones. I thought ok, but boy am I going to be a mess at work tomorrow. OMG, it made an immediate difference and there was not a mark on me. My cheekbone area was a little sore, but not a black and blue mark or a needle mark or any signs that I had something done. When I went to my usual Spa the next day, I showed and told the ladies there, and they sang high praises of the work and didn’t know that could even be done. The atmosphere is lovely and Martine is a delight.

Daniela B. Las Vegas, NV

I’ve been Martine’s & a “Just Face It” client for the last 2 years. Aside from their extensive beautification offers and great services “Just Face It” is more than just a business, as soon as you step through the doors you feel instantly at home and cared for. I’ve started out with the occasional Botox treatment, by now I’ve added facials, products & Eyelash extensions to the list. I can only highly recommend this Establishment to any woman looking for instant gratification, and wanting to appear younger than their actual age.

Jennifer L. – Henderson, NV

I’ve been going to see Martine Abbey for about a year now. She is such a people person and makes you feel so comfortable. I get so many compliments and just heard from one of my friends that I look like i did in high school! I highly recommend her.

Leanne G. – Henderson, NV

I had the best expirience in my life since I met Martine Abbey..I was so scary and sceptical to do something with my face.I had scar and puffiness under my eyes.. for 20 years…Im so happy with a result I cant even imaging that i’ve done it….Martine is the best ..and I very recommend to her business!!!!!!

Diane R. – Las Vegas, NV

Martine was so cordial and knowledgeable! I went to get my teeth whitened and had 2 particular stubborn bottom teeth that had been stained for years. After the treatment they had lightened up 5 shades and my other teeth had whitened considerable also!!!!! I was thrilled!!!! I will be back!!!! I did ask about other services they provided and the entire staff was very knowledgeable, I was impressed.

Keely B. – Las Vegas, NV

I am 35 years old and I have adult acne. I have also begun to worry about lines and wrinkles from ageing! I am desperate to find some skin therapies that actually improve my breakouts, get rid of my acne scars, while at the same time minimize lines. I found the Medspa through groupon, which offered an incredible deal on a VI Chemical Peel. My treatment was excellent. The staff was friendly, prompt and offered suggestions for my complex skin issues. The results of the peel were awesome. I had shiny young looking skin for several weeks following the peel. Although all of the acne scars did not magically disappear, new breakouts were reduced, and the discolored areas were minimized.
I’ve realized that if looking young, and getting rid of my breakouts and discolored skin is a priority, I need to be proactive about treatments. So, now I’ve gotten into the habit of calling into the Medspa regularly to find out if any treatment deals are being offered. As a result I’ve been able to try out many different therapies at economic prices. Lindy is great, and although shy at first, she goes above and beyond on the treatments she’s done for me. I now use the hyluna skin care line and just this weekend got microdermabrasion and the pumpkin peel, and Lindy worked on some acne areas with salycilic acid. I’m now saving $$ to try the dermaroller next, to get rid of the really stubborn acne scars.

Also, Martine has done botox injections between my brows and radiesse in my cheek bone area. I fretted and fretted about the cheekbone filler because I didn’t want it to look like I had “work-done” but, OMG it looks great, and it’s not obvious (my anti-botox/filler boyfriend doesn’t even know I got it done)! In fact, I keep getting compliments from people about how great I look, my skin and just in general- no one seems to know exactly whats different.