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We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and patients. We're so thankful for those that have taken the time to let us know what's working through testimonials. Enjoy reading these, we sure did!

Tiffany S. – Las Vegas, NV

I just recently visited this spa and my experience was great. I have been to a lot of spas in Las Vegas but this is the first spa I’ve been to that I instantly felt at home as soon as i walked through the door. The atmosphere is so soothing and relaxing. Its elegantly decorated and even has a shop inside. I was early so i shopped before my appointment!! How great is that! I had a peel done and the girl did a great job. I didnt want to get up!! I was so relaxed. My face feels and looks great! I’ll definitely be back soon!

Michelle Y. – Las Vegas, NV

Talk about a one of a kind place. This place takes Medical Spa to a whole new level. Great Staff and excellent quality care. Ms Martine did my treatment and did a wonderful job! Ive seen Lindy as well as Tammy (other aestheticians) and everyone is great. Its my one stop shop! Laser, Lashes, Botox and facials all in one place. Ive got 3 little ones so my time and money is precious to me. This place is worth it!

Marissa C. – Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Clean atmosphere, smells great, cute little gift shop & super friendly staff! Tammy J has done my eyelash extensions (as well as my friends) and does an EXCEPTIONAL job!! I highly recommend her. And she’s very reasonable in her pricing for quality work.

Vanessa F. – Las Vegas, NV

I saw Martine Abby today for cheek fillers using radiesse. I am very happy with the results. Very little pain ,alittle swelling. No bruising!! Despite past negative reviews on here mine was excellent.  She truely has a talent for fillers. I use reviews to make my choices for businesses. So i felt it was important to leave this positive review. If you need or want any kind of procedure go see this fabulous lady! Take it from me, I am 38 and i look like 10 years have been taken off my face. And also I wanted to mention how they were so accommodating to my scheduling needs due to the fact that I work graveyard shift.  I am a client for life!!!  Thank you to Martine and her staff at Just Face It Med Spa for a wonderful and  professional experience!!

Monica B. – North Las Vegas, NV

I have been trying to find right words to say but decided that I am simply going to speak from my heart. My story is just a little different than most women. And I never had any idea that simple meeting with a complete stranger recommended to me while waiting in  line at DMV of all places would make such a big impact in my life.. I have always been a little vain to be completely honest so when I was in an accident 6 years ago and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 50percent of my body as well as having majority of my hair was gone and flash burns to my face and chest.I kept asking god why and didn’t know how I was going to face the world and felt like a freak.I simply did not want to go anywhere especially during the day. I walked around my house in the dark and covered my body even when I was at home. It was especially a torture during summer when the temperature hit over 100degrees. .in my mind my life was over and isolated myself from everyone . When I went to see plastic surgeons they would litterly back up and gasp.being that I was Asian I developed keloid which meant I had thick scar tissue where my burns were. After numerous disappointment visits plastic surgeons told me there was nothing that they could do to help me. Not having health insurance made matter worse. Just when i was about to give up for some doctor who would just give me even a little bit of hope. I came across  wonderful caring surgeon who told me I can’t fix it but I can make it better. Went through 4 reconstructive surgery just on my stomach but scars on both of my arms were as it was. In time most of my hair grew out but no makeup could cover th scars on my face. Or my arms and legs. I didn’t look at myself in full length mirror for many years. Then I met Martine. When i first met her I was very skeptical about sharing my story or even show her my scars. But she was so kind and not even for a second did she make me feel ashamed or treated me like I was a freak. We discussed different options and procedure we could combine to help the scar tissue diminish and also different things to help scars on my face. It’s been a little over 2 years since I met Martine and no  all the scars are not gone and I’m not back to who I once was but I do wear shorts and short sleeves now. I don’t Waite till dark to go out to do my errands and I still have 2 more surgeries to go but when I take a shower I turnn the lights on and when I look at myself in the mirror i can say I look like I use to. I don’t know if Martine ever realize how much she has changed how I see myself now. She gave up many lunch hours and stays over time and fit me in even on her day off!! Martine truly loves what she does and she is truly cares about each individual and she gives her best to each and everyone.. I thank the day I walked into “Just face it” because  Martine gave me hope and that’s the day I started the healiing not just my physical appearance but healing of my spirit . I thank you for a wonderful person with kind,healing,caring spirit.I will definitely going to just face it for a long time and I recommend anyone who yearns for who you use to be or just want to discover the new you can be. “just face it med spa” is a good place to start’,!!!!! Try it, nothing to lose but new wonderful you to gain .

Valerie B. – Las Vegas, NV

I have been to several Beverly Hills plastic surgeons over the years for botox, dysport and fillers. Martine at Just Face It Medspa actually did a much better job with Radiesse to fill my nasolabial folds. When Martine did “work” on me there was no bruising what so ever! Prior to going to Martine I was always left with bruises that took up to week to subside.I will be a life long client.